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When is a Home Addition Right for You?

You’ve been thinking about building an addition to your home for years but never sure if it’s the right time to build. There are three questions you can ask yourself to determine when a home addition is right for you. If you answer, “yes,” to each of these questions, then it’s a good time to contact a contractor and add onto your home.

Are You Running Out of Space?

If you are considering building a home addition, it’s likely that you are running out of space in your current home. You might need another bedroom with a baby on the way. Your kitchen might be getting cramped with new appliances. Maybe you’ve always wanted an office space.

No matter your reason, determine if you can find more space by redesigning your existing floor plan first. If you can move furniture around, changing the functionality of your existing space, you’ll save tens of thousands of dollars. If you truly need more square footage, then it is time to build an addition.

Can You Afford an Addition?

You must be able to afford an addition before you hire a contractor to build one. You may have the money saved up for it or use financing, like a home equity loan, to pay for it. Typically, additions will cost $21,000 to $74,000, but could be as little as $5,000 or even over $150,000. These numbers vary widely due to the scope of the project. Assess how much money you have saved for this project or get pre-approved for a loan. Then, consult with a contractor to understand what your budget can accomplish.

If you are planning to move soon after the renovation, it’s best to not build the addition at all. You’ll likely recoup 65% of the cost in resale value, making it a better investment long-term than some other home improvement projects, but still not a worthwhile investment in the short term. You should only build a home addition if you plan on staying there for years to enjoy the space.

Does the Timeline Fit with Your Schedule?

Most home additions can take 3 to 4 months to build after all of the permitting, planning, and designing is completed. During that time, the construction will disrupt vacations, events you were planning on hosting, and general day-to-day activities. You’ll also want to consider when you were planning on using the space for the first time. Perhaps you’re planning on hosting your family for Christmas in an expanded living room. With average construction times, this means you need to start building around the back-to-school season, which further complicates things.

Professional contractors will help you navigate these scheduling conflicts and to understand the timeline for your specific project. They can also help you decide on which season is best for your project. Winter is usually too cold for construction in Pennsylvania. Spring is typically our busiest season, so it may be difficult to fit in your contractor’s schedule. Summer is an excellent time to build but also a bit of a rush to complete projects before school starts. Finally, autumn is easier to schedule because it’s not as popular but it can also be a rush to finish before the winter cold.

Start Planning Your Home Addition Today

So, you’ve determined that it’s the right time to build a home addition. What’s your next step? Your next step should be to consult with an experienced contractor. Contractors will consult with you on your vision and help you understand how the whole process will work. They’ll be able to give you an accurate estimate and timeline for your project so that you can make the final determination that now is the right time to build. If you live in Central Pennsylvania, contact Deer Ridge Construction today to get started!

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