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Top 10 Benefits of Building a Custom Home

During your search for a new home, you might have a long checklist of things you’re looking for and must have features. Your real estate agent will do their best to meet all of your needs within your budget but you’ll likely need to make some concessions. If you buy an empty plot of land and hire custom home builders, however, you’ll have a home that meets all of your needs. Here are the top 10 benefits of building a custom home.

Stay Within Budget

When searching for a home on the open market, you’re subject to market fluctuations that can’t really guarantee you’ll find everything you need within your budget. Worse yet, you could uncover costly expenses shortly after closing on your home, effectively going over your budget. Hiring a home builder to build a new home will pretty much guarantee your final cost is in budget. Barring unforeseen materials price hikes, our quotes are accurate and can be customized to fit your budget. 

Larger Lot Sizes

Comparing a home in a planned development to a new build on a lot you purchase separately, you’ll likely receive a larger lot if you buy one yourself. Development planners are incentivized to make lots as small as possible to build as many homes as possible on their land. Owners of undeveloped land, however, are incentivized to sell as much land to you as possible, meaning you’ll have more space.

Less Maintenance

Briefly mentioned above, pre-owned homes could have costly, unseen problems that need fixing up – even if you have the home inspected before buying it. Contracting out a custom home build means you’ll have a brand new roof, HVAC system, appliances, et cetera, that you won’t have to replace for decades with light, seasonal maintenance. At Deer Ridge Construction, we specialize in custom homes, so you’ll receive even more care and quality from us than large developer building a whole neighborhood at once.

Custom Floor Plan

Designing and building a custom home means you’ll be laying out a custom floor plan for your family’s needs. Ensure each child has a bedroom; build the open concept dining room of your dreams; place the washroom in the most convenient location for you. Constructing a custom home is the only way to guarantee that all of your needs are met.

Specific Style

Are you a trendy person looking for a contemporary home? Perhaps you are charmed by the historic look of a Tudor-style home. Maybe you’d like to cozy up inside a happy little farmhouse. No matter your personal taste in home aesthetics, building a custom home means your house’s exterior will look exactly how you want it, with whatever colors you enjoy.

Perfect Functionality

Related to planning out your floor plan, you’ll also be building the perfect functionality into your home from the ground up. If your kids get dirty at soccer practice, you can build a mudroom to take their cleats off. If you work from home, you don’t need to take over space in a bedroom for your home office – you can incorporate one into your design on any level of the home. Gone are the days of shoving a TV and La-Z-Boy into the corner of your basement – now you can build a dedicated man cave to watch the big game. No matter how you need the space in your home to function, you can customize your design to match.

Latest and Greatest Technology

Are you a tech aficionado who wants a house with smart home technology? Building a new home from the ground up is the easiest way to incorporate the latest and greatest technology into your home. All of the wiring is done before the drywall is installed, and you’re buying all of your appliances new, anyway, so you can purchase the smart appliances from the start.

No HOA Rules

If you buy a home in a development, you’ll likely be faced with a rulebook from the Homeowners’ Association. These rules limit what you can and cannot do with your home and lawn. Buying your own property to build on without the influence of an HOA means you’re able to use your property however you want (within your municipal zoning laws).

Increased Privacy

Since your lot size is generally larger and you can do whatever you want without an HOA, you have increased privacy in a custom new home. Your house will naturally be further away from neighbors. You don’t need to worry about HOA rules when building a fence, planting trees, or planting hedges for more privacy.

Instant Equity

After your home is constructed and you transition your financing from a construction loan to a traditional mortgage, you’ll get your home appraised. This appraisal could be higher than the cost of the build, meaning you unlock instant equity in your home.

Get Started Building Your Custom Home Today

Ready to build a custom home for all of these benefits? Contact Deer Ridge Construction today. We will help you plan out your custom home to fit all of your needs within your budget.

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