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Questions to Ask Your New Home Builder

Planning your new home build is an exciting process, but without the proper knowledge, it can be overwhelming. As you are working with your new home contractor it is important to ask questions and have discussions so your home is just how you pictured it for move-in day. Let’s take a look at some questions that will help you achieve your dream home in collaboration with your building company.

How Much Experience Do You Have?

This question may seem obvious, but not all home builders have the same amount of experience. Building a new home from the ground up is an extensive process, and you want a builder who can visualize problems before they happen. If you are envisioning a unique design, be sure to ask the builder if they have built a similar home in the past. 

At Deer Ridge Construction we have been building new homes for our community for over 40 years. Our experienced team has seen it all, and is prepared to tackle any building challenge head-on. 

Are You Licensed and Insured? 

In the excitement of the home building process, you would be surprised how often this question gets missed. Getting a licensed and insured contractor to build your home is important for a few reasons. First, many townships require the home builder to be licensed and insured to acquire the permits needed to build the home. Second, a contractor with the proper licenses and insurance removes liability from you if anything goes wrong during the home building process. 

Who is Responsible for Acquiring Building Permits?

Building permits are an essential part of the home building process and need to be acquired before any building occurs. Every township’s permit process is different, and many homeowners come to us concerned about permit applications. At Deer Ridge Construction we ease this stress by reaching out to our customers’ municipal offices and obtaining the building permits for them. We have decades of experience working with building codes and zoning regulations, and are here for our customers every step of the way. 

What Does the Design Process Look Like?

When you are building your home from scratch there are endless opportunities to build the home of your dreams. From materials, to the floor plan, to the small and intricate details of the design, there are a lot of decisions to make during the process. 

At Deer Ridge Construction we love working with homeowners to build their dream homes. Some customers come to us with a rough blueprint, and some come to us as a blank canvas looking for input. Whatever your involvement in the design process, we would love to help make your home dreams come true. 

How Long Will the Building Process Take? 

There are a lot of variables that go into new home construction, and one of the biggest problems in the industry is timeliness. Many people building a new home are either in the process of selling their existing home, or living somewhere temporarily during the process. This makes a strict timeline especially important, and the team at Deer Ridge has you covered! Our new home building process takes about 120 days to complete. This means that in as little as 4 months after reaching out, you could be moving in!

How Much Does it Cost to Build a New Home?

This question depends on the size and features of your new home, but it’s an important discussion to have early on with your new home contractor. When we get an inquiry about a new home the first thing we do is sit down with the homeowner to discuss their vision for the home, and the budget they have to make that vision a reality. 

If you don’t have the capital to pay for the home in full it is also important to ask your contractor about financing options. All builders have different financing options with different benefits, be sure to fully understand your options before moving forward. 

Do Your Homes Come With a Warranty?

Most home builders have some sort of warranty program that covers workmanship errors and faulty materials are often covered by manufacturer warranties. It is important to understand these warranties, how claims are filed, and the repair process to save you a headache later. Contact us with specific questions for your project.

Are you ready to start the new home construction process? Learn more about our home building process, and reach out to us today for a complimentary quote. We would love to speak with you about building your dream home!

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